Stapeliads (refreshed) by John Pilbeam







Book details: hardbound in dust jacket; 275x210mm; 223 pages; 714 photos.


This second edition has come about because the first edition (2010) is sold out. It has enabled inclusion of many new photos as well as sharpening the details of occurrence of some species and improving many of the existing photos. There have since the first edition been two genera resurrected or newly described by Darrel Plowes, viz. Hutchinia and Pleuralluma. He has also erected or resurrected 22 new species in Angolluma, Ballyanthus, Echidnopsis, Huernia and Orbeopsis, which are included in this second edition. Also included are two new species of Sulcolluma by Tom McCoy and - a new species of Huemia by Giuseppe Orlando and Marwan El Azzouni. Four of the new photos are featured on the book cover as illustrated here, and all these new species are included as half-page pictures in the book.

The new limited edition has 714 pictures of all 59 genera, with 223 pages.