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Special Interest Groups & Robins

What is a Robin?
It derives its name from the term Round Robin. 1 member writes a contribution then passes it to the next member for a further contribution, and so on round the group. The first member then replaces their original contribution with a new one, and so on. As a precaution against loss in the post or other mishap, each member returns the Robin to the Robins Organiser, who forwards it to the next member.

What are they about?
A Robin may be on the topic of a single genus, a family, or a more general topic. See the list below for some ideas. Any succulent related topic that can attract 4 members can hatch a Robin.

Who can take part?
Robins are open to all BCSS members, including Associate Members.
Robins’ members range from beginners to experts.

How many members does a Robin have?
Robins need a minimum of 4 members to take flight, but some have up to 8.

What are the current Robins?
Robins currently flying are:
Aloe,Gasteria and Haworthia
Cold Hardy Cacti
General Cacti

Crassulaceae needs just one more member to take off.

How do I start?
Send your name, address, phone number and email address with the topic/topics you are interested in to:
Mike Thewles
18, Clifford Road
S11 9AQ
01142 551756
Email: Mike Thewles (email preferred)