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1804d_t_lausseri (19).JPG Thelocactus lausseri182 viewsJun 14, 2012
Myrtillocactus geometrizans cristata (7).JPG Myrtillocactus geometrizans f. cristata306 viewsJun 06, 2012
Rebutia arenacea (2).JPG Sulcorebutia arenacea271 viewsHello. That is one of my favorites Sulcorebutia, because every year have beautifull flowers and it is easy to grown. Greetings.Jun 05, 2012
Img_6123.jpg Rebutia flavistyla FR756263 viewsWell that was what it said on the seed packet; not much variation there then!May 20, 2012
diane 02.JPG cv. "Diane"270 viewsMay 11, 2012
orange fizz 01.JPG cv. Orange Fizz250 viewsMay 11, 2012
pink clown 06.JPG cv "Pink Clown"251 viewsMay 11, 2012
waltz 02.JPG cv. Pink Clown 353 viewsMay 11, 2012
celebration 01.JPG cv. "Celebration" .. popular with many growers258 viewsMay 11, 2012
gramps 22_04_12 03.JPG Williamsii .. Single head and 13 ribs328 viewsWilliamsii .. Single head and 13 ribs
I'd love another plant like this .. perhaps a little more on the blue side than this one
Please let me know if you can help (see "wanted" placed in the forum)
May 11, 2012
gramps 04.JPG Williamsii .. Single head and 13 ribs268 viewsWilliamsii .. Single head and 13 ribs
I'd love another plant like this if anyone can help .. perhaps a little more blue than this one
May 11, 2012
rebutia pink clown.jpg Rebutia "Pink Clown"343 viewsThis Rebutia is (apparently) called "Pink Clown"
I am looking for pink flowering rebutias as pretty as this one .. I hope that some rebutia collectors will get in touch to help me .. Please find me in the "Wanted" section of the forum where I am looking for R.Narvaecensis .. Thanks .. Ade (Cardiff)
Apr 05, 2012

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