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Ariocarpus retusus var furfuraceus 01.jpg Ariocarpus retusus var. furfuraceus158 viewsdia 15 cm
Apr 02, 2012
Aztekium hintonii.jpg Aztekium hintonii181 viewsdia 12 cm
Apr 02, 2012
Ariocarpus kotschubeianus.jpg Ariocarpus kotschubeianus221 viewscactustomApr 02, 2012
Geohintonia mexicana 03.jpg Geohintia mexicana166 viewscollected by cactustomApr 02, 2012
Geohintonia mexicana 01.jpg Geohintonia mexicana182 viewsApprox. 6 cm diameter. Origin from Galeana, Mexico.Apr 02, 2012
koehresii 24_03_12 01.JPG Spring is in the air243 viewsSpring is in the air .. and Loph Koehresii is in full bloom .. This one is flowering for its second year now and is still really small .. I love compact little plants with lots of character and I welcome offers of small compact Lophs from other growers (see the wanted section) .. Have a good seasonMar 24, 2012
File0002.jpg Mr Watts257 viewsCan anybody shed any light on this gentleman. Taken after the war(?) he had some decent plants, and was most likley a member of the BCSS. Any clues?
Mar 09, 2012
File0011.jpg 186 viewsI was wondering if anybody can shed some light on this photo of a gentleman called Mr Watt? The photo was probably taken after the war. My dad lived in Nelson Lancashire so Mr Watts might not have been too far away?
Mar 09, 2012
Thelocactus-0342.jpg Thelocactus heterochromus165 viewsFuji Finepix S601 May 2007Mar 08, 2012
Thelocactus bicolor.jpg Thelocactus bicolor132 viewsFuji Finepix S601 May 2007Mar 08, 2012
Thelocactus phyl.jpg Thelocactus rinconensis (phymatothele form)161 viewsFuji Finepix S601 May 2007Mar 08, 2012
12_02_12 02.JPG 399 viewsFeb 12, 2012

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