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copiapoa Humilis 2 11x8.jpg Copiapoa Humilis205 viewsMy 40 years old Copiapoa Humilis.
copiapoa Coquimbana 1 11x14.jpg Copiapoa Coquimbana198 viewsMy Copiapoa Coquimbana.
Copiapoa Montana 1 11x8.jpg Copiapoa Montana176 viewsOne from my C. Montana.
Copiapoa Mollicula 2 14x10.jpg Copiapoa Mollicula183 viewsMy Copiapoa Mollicula.
Copiapoa Hypogea 2 10x14.jpg Copiapoa Hypogea192 viewsThis is the best I've seen my Hypogea for some time.
Copiapoa Grandiflora 3 14x10.jpg Copiapoa Grandiflora195 viewsMy Copiapoa Grandiflora.
Copiapoa serpentisulcata~0.JPG Copiapoa serpentisulcata260 viewsCopiapoa serpentisulcata grown from habitat seed, 8km North of Chanaral (Like many Copiapoa species, they don't have to be huge or ancient to flower)
Copiapoa columna-alba.JPG Copiapoa columna-alba310 viewsCopiapoa columna-alba grown from habitat seed, Pan de Azucar.
Copiapoa decorticans.JPG Copiapoa decorticans412 viewsCopiapoa decorticans grown from habitat seed, Botija Valley.
Copiapoa cinerea~8.jpg Copiapoa cinerea441 viewsCopiapoa cinerea grown from habitat seed, 5km East of Taltal.
tenuissima.JPG Copiapoa tenuissima1122 viewsCopiapoa tenuissima
C_cinerea - south of Taltal.JPG Copiapoa cinerea914 viewsCopiapoa cinerea grown from habitat seed, 3km South of Taltal.

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