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Copiapoa serpentisulcata~0.JPG Copiapoa serpentisulcata19 viewsCopiapoa serpentisulcata grown from habitat seed, 8km North of Chanaral (Like many Copiapoa species, they don't have to be huge or ancient to flower)
Copiapoa columna-alba.JPG Copiapoa columna-alba25 viewsCopiapoa columna-alba grown from habitat seed, Pan de Azucar.
Copiapoa decorticans.JPG Copiapoa decorticans212 viewsCopiapoa decorticans grown from habitat seed, Botija Valley.
Copiapoa cinerea~8.jpg Copiapoa cinerea229 viewsCopiapoa cinerea grown from habitat seed, 5km East of Taltal.
tenuissima.JPG Copiapoa tenuissima789 viewsCopiapoa tenuissima
C_cinerea - south of Taltal.JPG Copiapoa cinerea674 viewsCopiapoa cinerea grown from habitat seed, 3km South of Taltal.
Copiapoa calderana.JPG Copiapoa calderana578 viewsCopiapoa calderana grown from habitat seed, 30km North of Caldera.
Copiapoa paposoensis~0.JPG Copiapoa paposoensis485 viewsCopiapoa paposoensis grown from habitat seed, 17km North of Paposo, 1350m.
Plants I've often seen labelled as paposoensis in culitivation
often look more like humilis ssp. humilis.
Copiapoa haseltoniana (eremophila).JPG Copiapoa haseltoniana (eremophila)488 viewsCopiapoa haseltoniana grown from habitat seed, from above Paposo.
eremophila is used here as a handle to distiguish this population
from the coastal ones.
Copiapoa taltalensis~0.JPG Copiapoa taltalensis446 viewsCopiapoa taltalensis grown from habitat seed - San Ramon Valley, Taltal.
Copiapoa humilis (Matancilla).JPG Copiapoa humilis465 viewsCopiapoa humilis grown from habitat seed, Quebrada Matancilla
15km South-East of Paposo
Copiapoa taltalensis (rupestris).JPG Copiapoa taltalensis466 viewsCopiapoa taltalensis (rupestris) grown from habitat seed, San Ramon, Taltal.

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