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Gift Aid, Donations and Bequests.

Gift Aid

The Inland Revenue now allow us to include all subscriptions as well as donations in the Gift Aid scheme. Gift Aid is a scheme operated by the Inland Revenue whereby a registered charity can reclaim money representing the tax paid on those subscriptions and donations by a donor or subscriber. This is currently 28p for every pound paid to the charity but will pall to 25p from 2011 onwards. Gift Aid declaration forms were sent out to all UK members in 2006 and since then a form and reply envelope have been sent to all new members in addition to the declaration being printed on the application form.

Most UK members are eligible to sign a declaration as the only requirement is that an amount of tax must be paid on income either as earnings, interest or dividends equal to or greater than the amount claimed by the charity currently £4.20 on a £15 membership.

If you have received a form and not yet returned it we would ask you to please do so as soon as possible. If you have not yet returned a form and wish to have any payments you make classed as Gift Aid please contact the Treasurer. Once you have completed a form you will not need to do anything unless you cease to be a taxpayer at which time you should notify the Treasurer. None of your tax details will be available to the Society and you will not be contacted by the Inland Revenue. Please help us to get back as much money as possible from the Inland Revenue and sign up for Gift Aid.

Donations to the Society

Use your credit or debit card to make a donation via Paypal.

You can post us a cheque if this is more convenient for you.

You can set up a standing order to make regular donations to the Society.

You may wish to leave a legacy to the Society in your Will.

Donations to the Society can either be made at the time of the annual subscription renewal or by sending a separate payment directly to The Treasurer. The donation can be specified as either for general use or specifically towards the Conservation and Research Fund. If no preference is stated the donation will be allocated to Conservation and Research Fund as donations are the only source of funding for this important work. If the donor is a payer of income tax either on earnings, interest or dividends then Gift Aid may also be reclaimable by the Society (see above). Although we are a registered charity we receive a much smaller percentage of our income from donations than most others but this is an area we would like to expand and would welcome donations from anyone interested in our work.


Bequests to the Society

As a result of  requests for information on this matter, we are including details here for the reference of members.

Many societies and organizations rely on a substantial proportion of their income arriving in the form of bequests; in fact some receive up to 20 per cent of their annual income from this source. If in the past you have gained enjoyment from membership of the Society, it may be that you would like to consider making some provision for it in your will. Any bequest to a registered charity is paid before the calculation of inheritance tax (death duty) so that a bequest to the Society would actually reduce the amount of tax paid on an estate. You should quote the Society's charity registration number, 290786, in the bequest.

Please also make sure that your wishes regarding the care and disposal of your plant collection are well known to your executors, as the plants can easily deteriorate before anything is done about re-housing them.