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Growing Cactus & Succulents For Pleasure

by Rene Geissler

Where to Grow Them

Cacti & most of the Succulents grow in semi-deserts and therefore need the best light we can provide for them.

Of course quite a lot of Cacti and Succulents can be successfully grown on a window sill, but you will have to be a little selective, a good grower will advise you.

If you are fortunate to have a greenhouse, you will be able to grow almost anything, but in Winter you may have to have a source of heat.

There is also quite a range of plants that can be grown without heat, but with the protection from the rain of a cold frame.

Pests And Diseases

Luckily, Cacti have very few pests and diseases. The most common is mealy bug which may attack the plant and its roots, but watering with systemic insecticide will usually eradicate them.

The only other nuisances that may bother you at times are dogs, cats, or mice. Butterflies may come in too and lay their eggs, so watch out for caterpillars.

Another pest comes in the form of red spider, but it is only troublesome in hot and dry and unventilated conditions.


Some of the most important points for growing successfully are cleanliness and good ventilation at all times. Ventilation particularly on warm or hot days is most important. It is best to leave the doors and windows open all day and even on warm nights. This will prevent a lot of unwanted problems.

Always clean up any debris from staging and under it, because they will harbour pests that will be a nuisance. Keep the glass clean.