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Growing Cactus & Succulents For Pleasure

by Rene Geissler

If you enjoy growing plants you will certainly enjoy growing Cacti and Succulents.

Have you ever worried what you are going to do with your Houseplants when you are going on Holiday?. Who is going to look after them and keep them watered until you get back? Are you growing a lot of Fuchsias or other exotic plants in your greenhouse and wonder if they will have gone "to pot" by the time you have returned? Or are you worried that you won't be able to ask your neighbour to water them while you are away?

Well, if you grow Cacti, there will be nothing to worry about while you are on Holiday! They are quite able to look after themselves for two or three weeks until you get back. They are able to withstand long periods of drought and sunshine just as you are.

Another misconception, that they only flower every seven years, needs to be cleared away too. Once they have reached flowering stage, they will flower regularly every year and some will flower even twice a year if grown correctly. Some flower already the second year from seed. A few even in the first year.

You will be surprised at the magnificent flowers that may even appear in the depth of Winter. Aloes and other South African Succulents will flower then.

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