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The Society journal CactusWorld appears quarterly and is a richly illustrated, topical and informative journal which is highly respected worldwide. Issued in B5 format with beautifully illustrated, laminated covers the journal usually runs to 56 pages, though occasionally longer editions are produced as well as Special Issues.

The Journal contains articles on a wide range of subjects. Often you will find new descriptions of cacti or succulents as well as other taxonomic novelties. More importantly you will find articles about cultivation with valuable tips and tried and tested techniques. Then there are the travelogue type articles which detail the adventures of modern-day plant hunters and include wonderful photos of plants in habitat. Introducing plants which you may not have thought of trying is the "Plant of the Quarter" feature with one cactus and one succulent having their own page all to themselves. You will also find out about new C&S books in the "Literature Review" section, hear about what the Branches are up to in "Branch News", follow the latest snippets of information in "CactusTalk" and read up about the Forum & the Robins. There is much, much more of course; cartoons, memoirs, advertisements, members greenhouse tours just to mention a few.

And did I already mention that the whole journal is fully illustrated in colour?! The high technical standards, the content and the quality of publishing make the CactusWorld journal stand out among C&S journals internationally and it continues to retain its place as a world leader in this field.

Al Laius - Editor

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Sample Articles (PDF):

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