Bradleya 31/2013


Bradleya 31 includes the following articles:Brad 30

Matucana rebutiiflora, a new cactus species

Ferocactus wislizeni subsp. ajoensis, A new subspecies

The genus Aloe in Djibouti

A new miniature species of Borzicactus

A putative Oreocereus x Echinopsis hybrid from southern Bolivia

Vivipary in Ferocactus herrerae

Notes on the nomenclature of species of Agave

A new morphological study of the genus Trichodiadema and a new subgenus Gemiclausa

The family Crassulaceae in continental Portugal

Lobivia minutiflora: a cryptic species finally recognised

The Gymnocalycium mostii aggregate

Corrections for the validity of two Madagascan taxa in the genus Aloe

Knersia gen. nov., an emigrant from Drosanthemum

A note on four historical names recorded in Aloe

Ectotropis now with a second species

Names associated with Aloe speciosa

Examples of a cephalium and a pseudocephalium

Are nurse plants always necessary for succulent plants

The correct name of Aloe plicatilis

Orbea - an overview